As you have probably read in my “About Me” section, I used to be a Flight Attendant. One of the destinations I was sent to-  to work from was Porto.I only had one full day to explore this beautiful city.

It was my first time flying as a passenger on the airline I was working for.  I thought it would be great to actually be able to relax on a flight rather thank working on one! But I kid you not, I definitely couldn’t relax. From the moment I stepped onto the plane I was on full alert. Every “ding” and call bell that sounded I was turning around to see where it was coming from. Crazy, I know. But still, I tried to make the most of it and I chatted with the Cabin Manager who I was going to be working with the following day.

We got to know each other a little bit and we decided that we’de make a trip into the city once we had arrived.

Hop on, Hop off

We only had one day to explore this place, so what did we do? We went on the classic “Hop on Hop off” bus tour which also included a river cruise.

Church of Saint Ildefonso

We caught a tram into the city centre and headed towards Church of Saint Ildefonso. This is where we found a little tourist information shop where we bought our tickets. We were told to wait near the McDonald’s in Liberdade Square where our bus tour began. So we hopped on, and the tour began! The headphones weren’t that great and I couldn’t catch all the names of the places we saw, but I took many photos and did my research once I had got home.

Francesinha (Traditional Sandwich made in Porto)

We stopped off at the beach half way through the tour. I decided to try Porto’s traditional sandwich, the “Francesinha” made with bread, ham, sausage and steak covered in melted cheese and a hot tomato and beer sauce. I didn’t actually know what it was made from at the time; the guy from the tourist information shop suggested that I’d try it. As you can see in the picture (below) it doesn’t look overly appetising and I wasn’t overly impressed when I tried it. It was very heavy and stodgy. One of the Portuguese crew on my flight the next day asked me if I had tried it. I told him my honest opinion and he said that I must have just had a badly made one. So, don’t let my experience put you off from trying it!


River Duoro & Dom I Luis Bridge

To end a lovely day here in Porto, the bus tour took us by the River Duoro where we “hopped off” to enjoy our Duoro River Cruise. This really was a fine ending to our day, from the River you can see all the traditional Portuguese buildings and the stunning Dom Luis I Bridge. I would love to revisit this wonderful city; the Portuguese are very friendly and welcoming which makes this place even more inviting.