A Tax File Number (TFN) is compulsory  for you to be employed in Australia. For the British – it’s basically the Australian version of our National Insurance Number. Unless you want to be heavily taxed, I suggest setting one up when you first arrive, especially if you have a saving account that’s earning interest.

Visit the official Australian Government website (the following link) to find the online application for your TFN.


You will require:

  • Passport details.
  • A postal address (which cannot be a P.O box – ask accommodation provider if you can use their address).

It’s a very short application. If you have a middle name, include this on the first part of the application, otherwise it won’t match with your passport details. (I clearly made that mistake the first time round and didn’t understand why it wasn’t processing).

It takes up to 28 days for it to be delivered.

Once it has arrived, update your bank account either online or in branch with your TFN.