I had a bad experience with one sales company. It was a door to door sales job.

On Seek in particular, you will find many jobs with advertisements like “hiring now, uncapped commissions, earn $1500 a week!”. Seriously people – be careful.

It began with a group interview, but it didn’t really feel like an interview, they asked us to introduce ourselves and name the experience we have. After that, they ramble on for a good hour or so about their company and how “amazing it is”. They really are convincing too, but that’s what sales people are good at!

The agreement was $500 a week (after tax apparently), Monday – Friday and $20 per sale you make. Starting at 12:00pm and finish at 7:30pm. They told me to start at 11:45am, not the agreed 12:00pm.

Each morning they do an hour or so of training which consists of shouting over loud music and being forced to repeat the pitch and figures until it was drilled into your head. I was in a group of  6 people including myself (2 Leaders, 1 employee and 2 other girls also in training). Around 1pm we are whisked away in a van, stopped by at a cafe to grab a quick lunch which we’d then have to eat in the van.

Once we had arrived in the suburbs, they dropped us off in teams of 2. I was given a uniform; a polo shirt and coat which were probably made of the thinnest materials imaginable. By the time the sun had set (around 5:00pm), temperatures had dropped and it was cold.

From about 1pm – 7:30pm, we are none stop walking and knocking on doors. No breaks were allowed and you were not allowed to take a bag with you, if you needed the toilet you had to ask people at their door and no shops nearby to even buy a drink. At 7:30pm I thought it was time that we all got picked up, but no, we had to wait for everyone in the team to finish any appointments they may have booked. So it was around 8:00pm when we got picked up and left the suburb. By the time I arrived back to the office it was anywhere between 8:30pm – 9:00pm.

By my second day, I was let loose in the suburbs by myself. I honestly didn’t feel safe, as a female walking around a suburb I don’t know with some very dodgy people around.

So I decided to quit after my second day. I was told I’d still get paid $200 for my 2 days of work the following week. The following week came and I only got paid $78. I called the contractor and asked why I had been paid so little. Their explanation was that I had got paid $140 initially and I had been taxed and had insurance taken out. I explained that I should have been paid $200 anyway, they investigated with the company and the company had charged me $60 for my polo shirt (which there was no mention of any costs for this – and I gave it back anyway!).

Long story short – just stay away from sales jobs! There are all sorts of sales jobs out there, including call centre jobs which advertise “uncapped commissions” which means they are usually commission only based jobs. So you can be working an 8 hour day at a call centre and make nothing, if you don’t manage to sell anything.

Just remember your rights and don’t let companies walk all over you! Find a decent job that pays a decent hourly rate and gives you breaks (which you should have by law).