So, you’re job hunting in Melbourne? Questions you maybe thinking are “is it easy to find work?” and “how do I find work?” in Melbourne.

I thought I’d make a blog post a little different to my others. I want to give you an honest and true perspective to travelling as it isn’t always “greener on the other side”.

I arrived in Melbourne the beginning of April 2016. I have been here for just over 2 months now. Admittedly, throughout the whole of April I didn’t search for any jobs, because I was making my first month a holiday here. I started to apply for jobs in May, a month later and I have only just found myself a position in a decent job .

How do I find work?

  • Seek (website and app). This has been my most used website for finding work here. Here are some tips though, if they give an email or telephone number in their advert, use it! It’s easy to just click “apply” and send your resume and contact details, but trust me – you will be applying to so many jobs and not hearing back from most of them. If you give them a call or an email you will get your answer straight away. Plus, it impresses employers more and you are more likely to get yourself an interview.
  • Indeed (website and app). A great place to find work, however most of these job adverts, when you click “apply” it will take you to companies’ official career section on their website. Here you will fill in lengthy application forms. I like Indeed for the fact most of their companies are legit and well established.
  • Gumtree (website and app). Personally, Gumtree hasn’t been a reliable place for me to find work or get myself an interview. I haven’t heard back from one employer from this website. However, I know people hear who swear by it and have found themselves work.
  • Agencies. I joined an agency called Charterhouse, based in the city. They have recently found me work, which pays well, is full time and is a temporary contract of 2 months. Perfect. I’d definitely recommend joining an agency. This one doesn’t have a joining fee.
  • Hand in your CV/Resume. Walk around an area where there’s lots of cafes, restaurants and shops and simply just go in and ask!

Time of Year

I probably arrived in Australia at the worse time (for finding work). The end of the financial year is in June. It was Autumn and turning winter when I arrived and things are very quiet here. There are not a lot of places hiring and it is very tough to find work at this time of year. However – don’t let this put you off! My advice is to job hunt straight away! I spent my first month here applying to no jobs whatsoever. I kind of regret that now. But oh well – we all learn these kind of lessons, right?

It Isn’t Easy

Before I came to Australia, I thought “oh it will be easy for me to grab a job, I’ve got some really good experience behind me, they’ll grab me up in seconds”. I was naive and I soon learnt that it isn’t easy finding work here. Many companies will not be interested as soon as you mention “backpacker” or “working holiday visa”, because they know we’re not here for a permanent role.

Don’t let this put you off though. I’ve had a great time in the city so far – it just gets tough and draining sometimes, but I guess it’s all worth it in the end!