If you’re living in Melbourne and you’ve seen the main attractions already and you’re a bit tight on money, then here are some suggestions on cheap/free things to do.

Albert Park & Lake

This is just on the outskirts of St. Kilda and only a 20 minute tram ride from the city. There are some amazing views overlooking the lake with the cityscape in the background. It’s a lovely little walk and they even have pedalos in the summer.

Melbourne Library 

Melbourne Library, just opposite Melbourne Central is a beautiful library with a free museum on the top floors. This museum is home to the famous Ned Kelly’s armor.

Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI)

Located right next to Federation Square, this place is actually pretty fun! It is free to enter and they present the history of technology and gaming. They even have several TV’s and game consoles set up to play the latest games free of charge!

National Gallery of Victoria

Again, free to enter and it has a wide range of different arts including Chinese Arts. I’m not a big fan of galleries, but if it’s free and you’ve seen most things in Melbourne – then why not?

Fitzroy Gardens

For a little park located in Melbourne, there’s actually a fair few interesting things to see here. Cook’s Cottage, which is now a memorial to Captain James Cook. An English-style cottage, free to see from the outside but there’s a fee to look inside. Tudor Village is another little attraction here, a tiny little model Tudor village located just by the Fairies Trees; trees decorated with animals and fairies.

1000 Steps Kakoda Memorial Trail

A great opportunity to test your fitness here in the Dandenong Ranges and National Park. Free entry and transport from the city is fairly cheap. It is a Memorial Trail that is meant to give you a glimpse of the physical fitness that was required of the Australian soldiers in 1942. There are many other trails once you have reached the top that take you into forested and bushland areas.