Trina's Travels

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About Me

Hi my name is Trina, I love to travel and I have not long arrived in Melbourne, Australia on my Working Holiday Visa.

I first caught the travel bug whilst I was on a family holiday in Goa, India when I was 11.Over  10 years later I have completed a Travel and Tourism Course, been on life risking safaris in Kenya, explored the history in Italy, wined and dined on a cruise to Belgium, shopped until I dropped in New York and began my first career as a Flight Attendant.

All that said and done with. You maybe asking “well – what are you doing now?”

Due to health reasons, the Flight Attendant life didn’t take to me so well. After one year in this exciting career, I had to leave. I thought “what next?” – Australia. That is what I thought next.

Click on the menu on the top right of this page to see my blogs, find out all you need to know about applying for a Working Holiday Visa and all the other important stuff! Enjoy!




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